The Brand

“A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit”

-Michael Kors

Having been in the garment industry for over 40 years, we have observed the tendency of people to unfortunately settle for off-the rack garments over the beautifully handcrafted bespoke alternative, due to higher prices and lack of availability.

We at 108 Bespoke believe in muted luxury, raw masculine elegance, and are driven by an innate conviction to master the art of bespoke tailoring. We believe that every man deserves bespoke garments that are tailored to fit his own unique silhouette. We pride ourselves in dressing gentlemen and ladies of fine taste in bespoke clothes personally designed by our stylists according to each client’s personality and specifications. Our unequalled quality and fit are a result of our constant need for perfection and our pulsating creative energy that we strive to maintain.

Every piece of clothing is unique, as tradition and craftsmanship come together here at 108 bespoke, where skillsets of several different specialist craftsmen combine to create every bespoke garment. The finest fabrics from around the world are curated for our clients to choose from, as our stylists assist them through the entire bespoke process , from fabric selection, to design, to the trial and delivery of garments precisely made to fulfil entirely their own unique vision and requirements.